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UX Designer Ana Santos

About the UX Designer.

My name is Ana. I'm a Portuguese UX Designer & Art Director. You can say I'm healthily obsessed with books, fashion magazines, traveling, and coffee.

I've lived in five different countries and I'm now back home. But I still consider myself pretty much a digital nomad, working with clients from all over the world!

The cool thing about me? I focus on user-centered design: from your branding strategy through your user-friendly website to your email campaign design and development. My passion is to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. I also work a lot with people within the fashion industry.

My past roles involved me working in both digital agency and client-side roles. What does that mean for you now? I can apply my corporate knowledge and experience to your own lower budget project and make it a success! So if your dream is not having to work 9-to-5 another day in your life, what are you waiting for? Start off your entrepreneurship journey on the right foot. Hire me to offer you the same level of quality you'd expect from a big corporate project, only affordable.


I was very lucky to have been featured on the following websites:


I'm constantly learning and evolving! have a BA degree in Design, and you can check my complete list of certifications on my LinkedIn profile.

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