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Olá, to all leaders

UX Educator, Consultant and Learning Experience Designer based in Portugal. I educate, write and shape learning experiences for creative leaders from all around the world.

Why not start with an intro?

Officially my work as a User Experience (UX) consultant & educator has made me the perfect ambassador of learner-centered experiences. Teaching is not a job, it’s a calling, and it naturally pivoted me into the Learning Experience Design (LXD) arena.

I’ve been teaching teams and individuals how to create high-converting and user-centered experiences for years. In terms that we all can understand, my expertise is helping you generate more leads and sales through providing the best experience you can to your users, customers, learners. 

For years, I’ve been on a mission to create better experiences through digital platforms. That’s when I found a gap and an opportunity: the need for better courses, workshops and educational programs in general.

The inner UX consultant in me knew exactly how I could help so many educators, course creators, and creative leaders who despite their talent, have always struggled with creating impactful workshops and training programs:

I help you create memorable and learner-centered experiences that position you as a thought leader and recognized expert in your field!

We have enough services and experts teaching you how to sell your course, or how to profit from passive income. Yet, not enough material and services to guide you on how to create a course or program that is impactful, that makes an impact not only on your learners’ lives but also on your business.

Imagine being seen as the go-to expert, the authority figure in your field that people trust and don’t need to be convinced to buy from.

That’s what real impact sounds like!

Imagine building programs that make a real difference, creating educational content that helps you build your personal brand, or live classes that position you as the thought leader you are!

I want to help YOU, creative leader, eager to share your knowledge and expertise, either with your team or your audience in an impactful way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a course, a workshop or training program, as long as you want to teach. No non-sense methods, no big secrets to reveal — it’s all about learning science, neuropsychology, and UX.


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