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Ana Santos UX Consultant

My name is Ana and I'm a UX Designer & UX Consultant based in Portugal, though I work with clients from all over the world! Even though my main focus has always been UX, and UX and UI are not the same, I design user interfaces as well.

The cool thing about me when I design any website or interface? I follow the rules of user-centered design: this includes your fancy-looking app, your trendy or not-so-trendy website, and even your email campaigns.

I won't lie, it took me a while to find my real passion, and it's teaching UX: sharing my knowledge with others so we can make the web, and well, the world, a more user-friendly place. And my coaching services are not limited to design students and aspiring UX designers. I also train individuals, companies, and teams who want to start integrating UX into their business process, and of course, I'm also available for UX consultations.

In the past, I've worked not only on freelance projects but also had agency-side and in-house roles. You can view more on my LinkedIn, but my highlights include writing about UX for Envato Tuts+ and working for Google.

If you'd love to know more about me, what are you waiting for? Let's book a video chat. The first "coffee" is on me.


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