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Olá to design leaders & UX peeps

UX Educator & Learning Experience Designer based in Portugal. Currently a senior design program manager.
My passion is to educate and shape learning experiences for design leaders from all around the world.

Why not start with an intro?

I’m currently a senior design program manager based in Portugal, though I’ve lived in the UK and other countries in Europe for many years.

Throughout my UX career, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, in a diversity of roles, from UI design to strategy and research, and with a variety of companies from startups to giant techs such as Google. 

Officially my work as a User Experience (UX) consultant & educator has made me the perfect ambassador of learner-centered experiences. Teaching is not a job, it’s a calling, and it naturally pivoted me into the Learning Experience Design (LXD) arena.

I’ve been teaching teams and individuals how to create high-converting and user-centered experiences for years. During that time, I found a gap and an opportunity: the need for better courses, workshops and educational programs, focused on the user needs (in this case, the learner needs).

The inner UX consultant in me knew exactly how I could help so many educators, course creators, and creative leaders who, despite their talent and skills, struggled with creating impactful workshops and training programs.

We have enough services and experts teaching you how to sell your course, or how to profit from passive income. Yet, not enough material and services to guide you on how to create a course or program that is impactful and helps your learners achieve their goals. This obviously has a massive impact on your company, talent retention, and the way you hire and grow your team.

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