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Olá to design leaders & UX friends

UX Education & DesignOps ❤️

Hi all!

I’m currently a senior design program manager based in Portugal, responsible for the practice of DesignOps & ResearchOps, with a focus on Learning & Development. 

I have 10+ years of experience in the design field. I’ve worked in different countries throughout my UX career (five years in the UK) and with clients from all over the world, in a diversity of roles — from UI design to UX strategy & research — and with a variety of companies — from startups to giant techs such as Google.

My passion for education was ignited by several years of experience teaching UX to both teams and individuals. Teaching is a calling, which naturally led me to specialize in the Learning Experience Design (LXD) arena.

Besides teaching and growing design teams, I also love writing and contributing with educational content. I’ve contributed to publications such as Adobe XD Ideas, Envato, and Entrepreneur.