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Create an online course or educational program with the help of a UX course specialist.

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Ana Santos UX Coach UX Educator

Ever wondered how it'd feel like to become an impactful leader?
Being recognized as an
industry expert?
Someone people
trust and learn from?

All of this can be achieved by creating a meaningful online course or educational program focused on your learner needs.

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. — Stephen King, 11/22/63

Let me tell. you about consulting

How does it work?

There’s method to the madness of creating an online course or educational program. My process is based on the Learner First Framework™ — my own LXD approach based on a blend of proven methodologies from learning sciences, instructional design, user experience & design thinking.

When you hire me for a consulting engagement, you’ll get the support and guidance from a course specialist. I’ll suggest the best approach based on the stage you are at, whether you’re creating an online course or any other type of program. 

Learner-first framework LXD for done-for-you course creation

My science-proven Learner First Framework™ is based on Design Thinking, Learning Sciences & Instructional Design methodologies


your learner!

Who's your audience?

In order to create impact, you need to understand your learner, there’s no shortcut! This is a key phase to create an experience that will impact your learners and help them achieve their goals. 

If we consult during this phase, which is highly recommended, this is some of the work you can expect to be doing together:

  • Crafting a strategic research plan and learning needs assessment that aligns with your business goals;
  • Gathering data from your real audience to better understand their learning needs and pain points, which can involve a variety of methods from interviews to surveys;
  • Understanding what your learners wants and need, both perceived and unperceived needs;
  • Conducting competitive research. 

Phase 2


Note-taking & data gathering to create an online course


making sense of it

What to with all the data you've collected?

So now that you’ve gathered your data, what should you do about it? Worry not, I’ll be here to guide you.

During our consulting engagement, you can expect to do some of this work together (with full support & guidance):

  • Making data-driven conclusions based on your audience’s goals and learning needs;
  • Crafting a learner persona or empathy map to guide your learning experience design decisions;
  • Defining the learning objectives and outcomes of your program.


& show your first draft

You can call it "beta" or MVP — just put it out there!

The first version of your course or program doesn’t need to be perfect.

There are different ways to test your first draft (pre-orders, prototypes, recording it live, launching an MVP, etc.) but this is some of the work you should expect to do together during our consulting engagement:

  • Structuring your curriculum and course content according to your learner needs and program goals;
  • Planning delivery method and deciding on platforms & tech;
  • Designing the content plan for each module and lesson according to best learning practices, learners’ needs, and learning objectives;
  • Designing some of the learning materials (e.g., slide decks, workbooks)
  • Creating a prototype or a first version of your course (e.g., beta version).

Phase 3


Website Strategy UX

Phase 4


A girl attending an online course

test it!

is it working?

Measuring the impact of your program

To measure success, we need to know what success means. Once we do, we need to test it. Depending on where you are at, this phase can involve different things, from testing the first version of your course to evaluating an existing course you need to revamp.

Of course, the only way to know you’re truly impacting your learners’ lives is to test with REAL people. 

What can you expect from me as your course specialist and consultant? Full support and guidance in things like:

  • Planning UX metrics & establish goals around what success means;
  • Planning assessments to measure some of the metrics established and help your learners achieve their course goals; 
  • Testing your program with real learners using different UX research methodologies such as moderated user testing; 
  • Conducting an initial validation of the course in terms of need & market fit in the case this is the first version / beta.


based on feedback

Prioritize and iterate, iterate, iterate

As we know, the process of Learning Experience Design is not linear. It’s more like a cycle. We can start at any phase, and then come back to a different one, in no particular order.

I use Phase 5 to describe the process of implementing changes and making important decisions based on feedback and data. While Phase 3 is mostly about planning or designing a first draft, phase 5 is mostly about iterating based on feedback and testing.

As your course specialist, this is some of the things you can expect me to help you with during consulting:

  • Iterating based on data and feedback previously collected;
  • Interpreting results and the meaning behind “customer requests”;
  • Prioritizing changes to be implemented and tested;
  • Developing an iterative mindset of constant improvement.

Phase 5


UX Career Coach and Learning Experience Design


If you apply for 1:1 consulting, I’ll be consulting and guiding you through the process as your personal course specialist. It will be up to you (or your team) to implement what is needed. In addition, I offer done-for-you services that require a larger investment.

In addition to your own business constraints, budget, and deadlines, it depends on the needs and goals of each project. Ideally, we would begin on a monthly basis, which can be cancelled at any time.

LXD isn’t linear, so following a specific sequence every time isn’t necessary. Research, however, should always take precedence. My role as your consultant will be to guide you through the phases and processes that are most appropriate to your needs. Apply now to have a chat.

A minimum monthly investment of $1,500 entails a weekly session plus unlimited email support, which includes answering your questions and analyzing the data.


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