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I’m Ana, a UX educator & UX Researcher with background in Learning Sciences and Learning Experience Design (LXD).

How can I help?

UX Coaching & Consulting

My email consultations are open to both individuals and companies. You can use them as a convenient way to obtain async feedback on projects or any other UX topics.

UX/CRO Reviews

Book a 90-min expert consultation with me to obtain livefeedback on your website and/or landing page in order to increase conversions and meet your business goals (CRO).

LXD Reviews (Education)

LXD is often referred to as a blend of learning sciences and UX. The goal is to create educational experiences (from courses to workshops and programs) that are focused on your learners’ needs. You may book a consultation with me to obtain feedback on your educational content.

Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD


This is Ana

User Experience for Learning!

Hi there, it’s great to meet you! I’m a design leader specialized in education and learning. As a User Experience (UX) Educator & Learning Experience Designer (LXD) I’ve spent over 10 years honing my skills in the design field, as well as advancing my education in the learning and research space. I’m proud of my extensive online learning experience, which ranges from corporate training to teaching UX to individuals. 

I can help you improve your business goals by understanding better your users and designing for their needs. I’m available for CRO consultations and LXD reviews for your courses and educational content.

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