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Create your own online course, workshop or educational content through proven User Experience (UX) & Learning Experience Design (LXD) methodologies.

Create Your Own Online Course with Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD
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I specialize in User Experience for Learning!

I’m a User Experience (UX) Educator & Learning Experience Designer (LXD) with 10+ years of experience in the design field. My online learning experience is extensive, ranging from corporate training (I’ve worked with companies such as Google) to teaching UX to individuals, from students to design leaders.

I’ve built an Instagram audience of 40k+ based on a single premise: that people wanted to learn from me. I can say that teaching has changed my life, and I’m positive it can change yours too! 

The best part is that you can start today. Create your own online course or educational program in a purpose-driven and impactful way!

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Create Your Own Online Course with the Free Course Strategy Guide

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Create your own online course with the Learner First Framework™

Learner First Framework

Create your own online course or program through learner-centered design

I’m giving you FREE access to my Learner First Framework™, my LXD approach combining my several years of experience in User Experience (UX) and knowledge in Neuropsychology, Education, and Learning Sciences (LS).

With this workbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to structure a strategic plan to create your own online course or program focused on your learners’ needs;
  • What you need to know about your audience before you create your own online course or educational program;
  • How to come up with a course topic;
  • The elements involved in creating a learner-centered course that will impact your audience;
  • step-by-step framework based on my approach to learning experience design (LXD) that anyone can apply.

Let's work together

1:1 Consulting

Create your own online course with my help. I’ll consult and guide you through the whole course creation process. If you want me to review your existing course, you can book a learning audit session instead.

Program Creation

Let me create your own online course for you. Research, planning, structuring your content, developing your curriculum, and even the actual design of the support materials or learning platform — save the headaches and let me do it for you.

Do you want to become a purpose-driven leader? An authority figure that people trust and learn from?

Let me help you!

All of this can be achieved through teaching your expertise in your field. You can create your own online course, an educational program, or simply content on social media that educates your audience.

Education is my passion. My mission is to help you create memorable and learner-centered experiences, from online courses through corporate training programs to educational content that adds real value to your audience. I believe in providing equal opportunities for every learner, regardless of their skills, qualifications or socioeconomic status. If you want to become a purpose-driven leader, your learners need to come first.

And that’s where Learning Experience Design (LXD) comes in. Let me help you! I’m an educator with more than 10 years of experience working in the design field with companies of all sizes. Here’s why I’m qualified to help you!

Ana Santos UX Coach UX Educator

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Workshops & more

DIY: Create your own online course or program by attending my training & workshops

My workshops are designed to cater for different needs and provide an accessible way for everyone to work with me. Stay tuned to receive early bird discount updates and be part of the live experience, or purchase replays from past sessions.

Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD

Learning Experience Design

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is a blend of User Experience (UX), Instructional Design & more.

What is Learning Experience Design? LXD

What is LXD?

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is all about creating a memorable learning experience for your students or your audience. It applies to: courses, training, educational content (videos, social media, blog posts) and programs with learning goals. It’s more than a course’s content or its profitability. It’s a holistic and impact-driven approach with the goal of improving the lives of those you teach.

The process of Learning Experience Design involves:

  • User Experience. The users of your program or course are the “learners“. 
  • Learning Science. It draws from neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science and other disciplines.
  • Content Design & Curation. In order to craft relevant content, it’s important to understand how learning occurs in the brain but also your learner needs deeply.

UX Career

for established & aspiring UX designers

UX Career Coach & Mentoring

UX Career.

Interested in pursuing a career in UX or growing as a current designer?

I joined forces with my partner Werner Griesel, hiring manager and UX storyteller, to provide UX career coaching support for those who both aspiring UX designers and those who are ready for their next step in their careers.

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