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I’m Ana, a UX educator & Lead UX Researcher with a background on ResearchOps and Learning Experience Design (LXD).

How can I help?

UX Coaching & Consulting

My UX career program is currently unavailable, but I am offering email consultations instead. I am happy to provide guidance on your career goals, including tips on improving your UX skills, portfolio and breaking into the industry.

Portfolio Reviews

I’d be happy to go over your portfolio with you via email or Zoom. Please note that I have limited availability. I don’t offer my services for free, but your support helps me help others.


I’m thrilled to tell you about my UX workshops. You can learn by yourself with on-demand workshops or attend a live event. Register to get alerts for future events.

Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD


This is Ana

User Experience for Learning!

Hi there, it’s great to meet you! I’m a design leader specialized in education, learning, and development. Right now, I’m a full-time Lead UX Researcher at Talkdesk, but I also wear a few other hats. As a User Experience (UX) Educator & Learning Experience Designer (LXD) I’ve spent over 10 years honing my skills in the design field. I’m proud of my extensive online learning experience, which ranges from corporate training to teaching UX to individuals. 

Free Support & Financial Aid

Everyone can make a difference. Let’s help those we can instead of focusing on those we can’t. As of now, I’m offering a free portfolio review or session every month to someone in need. This is our chance to help people who wouldn’t otherwise get it. Get in touch if you or someone you know could benefit from this opportunity.

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