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Track Your Visitors

First thing to implement once your website is live, so you can start analysing your users and serve better your visitors and customers.

Even if you don't have a clue about how to use Google Analytics, you need to have it implemented on your website. When it's time to analyse your data, improve your performance and collaborate with a digital marketer or web designer, you'll thank me later.

With their generous free plan, there's no reason to not give Hotjar a try. You'll be able to generate heatmaps, click maps, record user sessions and add surveys to your website.

Besides being a link shortener, Bitly also lets you analyse the performance for each link you create. Their handy reports give you lots of great info, including which social media platforms were used to share your links.

Hosting & Domains

If it's now time to buy your own domain and decide on your hosting provider, feel free to check my recommendations.

Namecheap is my one stop shop for anything domain related. In a matter of a few clicks, you too can purchase your new domain (for cheap).

If you have a WordPress website and want peace of mind, one-click backups, increased security and performance, then I recommend Managed WP Hosting. Flywheel is a great choice because it has affordable plans for small businesses.

Shared hosting has its limitations but not all providers are bad. Siteground is a great, reliable and extremely affordable provider with plans for every budget type.

Email Marketing

Start email marketing and list building.

Mailchimp is a beginner-friendly ESP (Email Service Provider) with a free-forever plan up to 2000 subscribers. Functionalities include email automation and creation of free landing pages.

Hello Bar lets you display a message at the top of your website (which is a better alternative to pop-ups) to promote your email opt-in.

Content Creation

Tools to help you create valuable content.

Need content ideas? Why don't you write a piece of content about something that your audience is already searching for? Simply enter a keyword and AnswerThePublic will let you know which questions need to be answered.

CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer is a powerful free tool that will help you create killer headlines.

Website Performance

Tools, products and material to help your website perform and convert better.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights free tool to know your page speed score and get suggestions on how to make your website faster.

Is your website persuasive enough? Why aren't your visitors buying from you even if your website is professional, fast and user friendly? Download my UI Persuasive Guidelines Checklist for free to find out what else could be missing.

Get a free SEO analysis online of your website. Just submit a url to SEO SiteCheckup and let the tool do the rest.

Get my low budget UX review for one page of your website so you can fix any major usability mistakes and start optimizing your website for conversion.


There's a time and place to DIY. But there are also tools out there that will make this process easier.

Canva won't replace the need for a designer but it can help with several graphic design tasks, specially if you're on a budget. Start creating graphics for your social media posts in just a few minutes.

If you don't need something custom at the moment, you can always try a premade template. Creative Market has a great selection of template packs, from logos through website themes to email templates crafted by quality independent designers.


If you are unable to start your website from scratch, you can use a WordPress theme (or static website template) from Theme Forest. Remember to use premade themes with caution and remove as many unneeded plugins as you can.

With Teachable, you can create and sell your own courses with no tech knowledge needed.

WordPress Plugins

Even though you should keep them to a minimum, there are some plugins that can save you lots of headaches.

Image Optimization is essential, specially as it plays an important part in your website's speed. EWWW Image Optimizer can optimize any images you upload. There are free and paid plans.

You need to make sure your WordPress website is secure. WP Limit Login Attempts for login protection, protects site from brute force attacks.

I use Calculated Field Forms for my pricing estimate calculator. It's an amazing tool with both free and paid plans.

Business Books

Books that have inspired me somehow.

In Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, considered by Washington Post one of the books every leader should read, Adam Grant shows us how helping others drives our own success by dividing the world into three types of people: takers, matchers, and givers.

Everything starts with an idea. The Idea In You: How to Find It, Build It, And Change Your Life is an inspiring book that pushes you to believe in yourself and make your idea happen.

Rework goes straight to the point and shows you how to rethink your own way of working. It's an inspiring business book that will make you understand you need less than you think, and the rest are just "excuses".

Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro is a must read for those of you who are designers, and also a great read for anyone who deals with clients regularly.

You're either a Purple Cow or you're not. Seth Godin will inspire you to do something remarkable. We've seen way too many cows. But a Purple Cow, now that's something!

Great Thinkers is an amazing collection of sixty of the most important and most useful ideas of Eastern and Western culture. The focus of this book is to present some of the greatest minds of our time.

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