UX Training.

Training for Business

UX Workshops

Starting at $400

Custom workshops for your business needs, online or on site (traveling costs apply).

In order to build a user-centered culture, your staff should be trained and your teams aligned. I’ve delivered user-centered workshops for several agencies and companies of all sizes.

Staff Training


Staff training can be conducted online or on-site (traveling costs apply).

These sessions are tailored to your staff needs. The purpose is to grow your in-house UX skills by training your current teams. 

DIY Bootcamps

Starting at $400/month

DIY Bootcamps UX and Web Design

My DIY online bootcamps are aimed at first-time entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers. 

If getting started means DIY to you, you’ll benefit from my online bootcamps. You’ll learn design thinking and user-centered methods and also how to implement websites, landing pages and minimum viable products before being able to scale.

UX Training for Aspiring UX Professionals

Learn UX basics

Free Course (Curated Curriculum)

Is UX for you? Free curated curriculum for those interested in starting a career in UX.

I’ve put together a curated curriculum so you can learn the basic concepts from the best resources available online. 

Heuristic Evaluations

Free Class

Evaluating the usability of a website or any interface is an essential skill to have as a UX designer.

In this Skillshare class, I teach you step-by-step how to conduct a common method of usability inspection called Heuristic Evaluation.   

You can sign up for free to access my class and you also get 2 months of free Premium Skillshare subscription (cancel anytime).

UX Live Class


Need a full explanation on a specific UX topic? Book a 1:1 class.

Please pick a specific topic and I’ll go through the key points during this 1-hour custom class, tailored for you!

I can teach anything from user research through prototyping to testing & validation. If you’re interested to learn a specific tool please message me first to ensure I’m the right person to help you.