UX Mentoring & Coaching.

Mentoring & Coaching for Business

Mentorship Retainer

Starting at $500/month

mentorship retainer

With a retainer I’m available to help you via audio call, video call, or in person (traveling costs apply), plus unlimited emails.

Regardless of your role, founder, CEO, agency owner or UX manager, if you want to build a user-centric culture and improve the UX maturity of your company you’ll need to align your team and get everyone on board. A mentor can support you through this process as well as helping you with UX related decisions.

UX Consultations

$70 /45 min session

UX Consultation

Book an individual session with me via audio or video call (skype, hangouts or any other platform of your choice).

Are you struggling with a specific aspect of your business? Unsure how to grow your company’s UX maturity and start thinking users first? UX Consultations are individual sessions that you can book any time without any further commitment. 

Text Only

Starting at $140/month

text mentorship

No time for extra calls in your calendar? No problem. Have unlimited access to me and my expertise via text or email. 

For a $140 monthly fee you can reach out to me via email any time and obtain a reply within 48 hours. Prices vary for texting and Whatsapp packages with a shorter turnaround. 

Mentoring & Coaching for UX Career

UX Mentorship Intro

$40/hour introductory call

Experience a full mentorship session for a first-time discounted price if you’re not ready to apply for the full program.

If a quick coffee chat isn’t enough to answer all your questions, why not experience a real mentoring session to confirm we’re the right fit to work together? This price is for your first call and there’s no further commitment required.

UX Career 1:1 Mentorship

From $90 to $460/monthly

ux mentorship

My UX Career 1:1 Mentorship & Coaching Signature program is aimed at those who want to kickstart a career in UX or add UX skills to their current role.

I offer mentoring and coaching in a combined method approach to help you achieve your UX career goals. I also help people from different fields getting into UX or add UX concepts to their skills.

Portfolio Review Session


1:1 workshop focused on improving your portfolio.

  • Pre-session worksheet (before the call);
  • 1-hour video call;
  • Post-session personalized checklist with the action items discussed during the call;
  • Free bonus 30min call within 3 months (optional) to follow up on improvements.