UX Career Mentorship & Coaching Program

The UX Career Program

My exclusive UX Career Program is a 100% online tailored coaching program with 24/7 mentorship support.

Is this program for you?

  • You’re switching careers and transitioning to UX from a different field;
  • You’re a student or graduate looking for your first UX job or internship;
  • You’re a solo UX designer in your organization;
  • You’re an experienced designer looking for your next UX challenge or next career move;
  • You’re a freelance designer who wants to add UX to your current skills.

What are the benefits of formal mentoring?

  • Accelerate your growth in UX;
  • Understand your options and paths available;
  • Achieve your personal goals;
  • Gain clarity on your career path;
  • Add value to your web design projects;
  • Get guidance, feedback, and advice from someone with experience in different type of roles and settings.
Ana at Google
I'm currently a UX Consultant and Design Mentor / Coach. During my career, I've worked as a freelancer, in-house UX professional, and designer for digital agencies. I've co-led the Mobile UX initiative at Google Portugal and today I have my own UX agency.

Coaching VS Mentoring

What are the differences between coaching and mentoring, and how can this program provide you with the best of both worlds?

  • We’ll analyze your goals and needs during our first intro call to ensure not only we’re the right fit but that you have the right amount of support and guidance (mentoringand you’re still able to grow your skills and confidence to make your own decisions (coaching).

  • Like most coaching programs, there’s a set duration to achieve your goals; however, our relationship from a mentoring perspective can be ongoing and last for as long as you need!
  • Depending on your own needs, the sessions and calls will be more or less structured. If you need more mentoring, then you’ll probably want to set your own agenda for most calls.
  • As someone experienced and qualified in UX, I can provide you skills-focused coaching and additional support as a mentor.
UX Mentorship and Coaching

What can you do in this program?

Achieve your personal career goals

Getting started in UX can be daunting, especially if you aren’t 100% sure about the right career path for you. I can help you gain clarity and guide you towards your first steps.

Maybe you want to start as a UX generalist to have a better overview. Or specializing in a specific field. Or even be a freelancer. I’m here to help. I’ve been there too.

Create a relevant portfolio

Your UX portfolio needs to showcase work that is relevant to the type of jobs you want to attract, while also highlighting your own unique process and what makes you different.

Depending on your experience (or lack of) this can be challenging. I can guide you towards the right direction, whether you have tons of projects to select or you’re starting a new case study from scratch.

Learn UX with me

There are several free self-paced courses and materials out there for both beginners and advanced. However, most of them still have lower completion rates. Why? Because they lack a more structured support, a sense of community and accountability.

A mentor will keep you accountable while also providing you extra support for these self-paced initiatives.

Ongoing feedback & support

Have you just landed your first project or UX role? Congratulations! But your journey isn’t over yet.

If you feel nervous and anxious, you probably would welcome some support from a more experienced UX professional. I can give you detailed feedback on your current project (s) and guide you towards your next career steps while you grow your skills and confidence.

How does this all work?

Step 1. Fill the super short form

Please fill my form to apply for a 1:1 mentorship program with me. If you prefer to have a chat first, you can either book a quick 15min free call for any program related questions or a first session here. The intro call is a full strategy session with value on its own. It’s pitch & commitment-free for both of us and doesn’t guarantee a spot in the program but will allow you to experience a full session.

Step 2. Wait for approval 

If we both feel we’re the right fit to work together, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a subscription that you can cancel anytime in case you’ve chosen a monthly plan. Even if you have defined specific goals and deadlines, you’ll still be able to renew or cancel your plan every month. The cost of the program depends on your preferred options. For monthly plans the amount is paid at the beginning of each month, and for 6-month or annual plans, this amount is paid in full. 6-month or annual plans can’t be cancelled and are not refundable. 

Step 3. Book your calls in advance

With any program, you get a certain amount of hours that you can spend on video call or audio sessions via skype or hangouts. You can book 30-min or 60-min slot, so you can make the best use of your hours.  I advise you to book your calls as much as in advance as you can to avoid availability conflicts and to help us create a routine.

Step 4. Tracking Progress & Unlimited Emails 

During any 1:1 mentorship program, you’ll be able to email me any time – you’ll receive a reply within 48h. Depending on your goals and preferred way of working, we’ll be sharing a common tracker so we can track your progress and understand the areas you need more help with.

How much does it cost?

1:1 Video Calls
Contract Length
How long can you commit to the program? Paid in full.
Written Communication:
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Total to pay:
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