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User Experience (UX).

What is UX?

User Experience (UX) is every single aspect of the end user's interaction with your company, services, and products (Nielsen-Norman Group's UX definition).
But what does that mean for your website and business? Have you ever felt so frustrated after trying to complete a task on a website that you've ended up giving up on it completely? Maybe you wanted to research a certain piece of information or buy a product. Yet, the terrible user experience stopped you.
Good UX means you focus on your user's goals and learn how to align them with your own business goals. If you make your visitor's lives easier, it will also be easier for them to buy from you. But that's not enough. Make your customers trust you and love you, by providing them with a great and honest experience.

"Ana is a fount of knowledge when it comes to UX design, always willing to develop her know-how and stay fresh with her designs. She also cares about enabling the potential in others, which is what I have appreciated her for the most while working together, having taught me user-centred design skills and concepts."  Teodora Busurca, co-founder at SBC

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