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Usability Evaluation.

Are your business goals aligned to your users needs? The purpose of Usability Evaluation is to assess how well your users can learn and use your interface to achieve their goals, and whether they're happy or not with that process.

Usability Inspection

Expert Design Review

$250 p/ page (per device)

As a usability expert, I will inspect your interface for usability issues based on heuristic analysis (adherence to best practices and recommended guidelines). You'll receive a comprehensive report with actionable findings rated by level of severity and a list of recommendations to test.

Mini Landing Page Review


Take me for a test drive. Have one page reviewed against a set of usability standards and CRO best practices. You can choose to have any of these pages reviewed: homepage, sales page, or any landing page. You'll receive a mini report with: major usability issues, missed conversion opportunities, and quick suggestions for next steps.

Cognitive Walkthrough

$200 p/ task (per device)

Unlike the expert design review, this method is task-based and can be done at any stage of the design process. If done early, you can structure your user flow according to the tasks that need to be completed by your users. At a later stage, it's especially recommended if you're noticing that your users are dropping off at some point during the user journey and therefore unable to complete the task (issues with the current user flow). I'll play the role of your user and go through the task (s) and identify opportunities for improvement. Please note that inspection evaluation doesn't replace real users testing.

Competitive Usability Review

$350 p/ page (2 competitors, 1 device)

A competitive usability review will assess how well your website is performing against your competitors. This review is heuristic-driven and the websites are evaluated against best practices, it is meant to give you a starting point to formulate hypotheses for further user testing. The comparison reviews can be holistic or feature-specific. 

Usability Testing

A/B Testing Recommendations

FREE with any usability inspection audit

Usability inspection doesn't replace the need for testing your interface with real users. That's why I include a free report with A/B testing recommendations with any of my UX audits

Observational Data Analysis (Task-focused)

$1200 p/ core task

I'll gather observational data and analyze it based on user tasks. Gathered data includes: 5 user videos as they browse through your website, and current user session recording (needs tracking code added). The final report includes a detailed analysis and recommendations for next steps.