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Website Strategy for Small Businesses

Terrified of a big web design investment? Whether you're DIY'ing or hiring a professional, you're right to be concerned!

Every day, websites without a purpose are created.

They don't convert. They don't make money. They are just ...there.

If this is a concern for you, then you’re NOT alone.

Many creatives are terrified of investing in a website design that won’t do their business justice. Yet, many end up shelling money out to have their dream website created. Only to realize that it’s not actually helping them achieve their business goals.

Is it your web designer’s fault? Most likely not.

In fact, my advice is DON’T HIRE ANYONE before you are clear on:

  1. Your customers and users.
  2. Your products, services and positioning.
  3. Your website strategy.


The good news?

I’m here to help you.

Step 1. Strategy & Research

website strategy small businesses

Yes, you need goals!

To get started, we’ll be working on a website strategy that is aligned with your business goals. You’ll be encouraged to conduct your own research* and I’ll be guiding you along the way. This is why this is the most intensive phase of this program, you need to put in the work!

Before you get started, I recommend you download my free workbook. This will give you clarity on the exact steps you’ll need to take.

Our approach will be tailored, whether..

  • You’re creating a new website from scratch;
  • You already have a website but it’s not converting your visitors into leads or customers;
  • You’re creating a new landing page targeted to a specific audience and product;
  • You need to improve the experience you’re providing to your users through your website.

* research services are quoted separately in case you prefer not to DIY

Step 2. Existing Website or Competitor Review

What's working and what's not?

We’ll have 2 additional sessions to review your website if you already have an existing website, even if you’re planning a website redesign. Otherwise, these 2 sessions will be using to have a look at some of your competitors and understand what’s working and what’s not.

If you already have a website, it’s recommended to setup analytics and other tracking tools to understand the behavior of your users in real time. Our second session can be used to go through any data you currently have or train you on the best tools and methodologies to implement these later.

My reviews are objective and follow a framework that is based on:

  • Usability heuristics (UX);
  • Best practices;
  • Industry-relevant experience and secondary research;
  • Potential missed conversion opportunities (CRO best practices)
  • Optional: Any research you’ve conducted previously or data you’ve collected.

You’ll be leaving these sessions with actionable items and strategic ideas that we can implement on your current website or on a website redesign.



Step 3. Analysis & Compilation

Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD

Understand your users

Once we’ve conducted research within your project constraints and resources available, it’s now time to analyze all the data!

In UX we love mapping. Through a series of mapping techniques, such as empathy mapping and affinity diagramming, we’ll compile and make sense of the data in order to come up with your data-driven persona(s) that’ll guide the rest of the strategy.

Let’s think about your persona as your “ideal client”. You might have thought about them before, but you didn’t have enough data to truly understand their goals and how they align with your own.

This step will not only be crucial to your website design but also your copy, your messaging, your brand, everything!

Our 4 sessions will involve:

  • Data compilation & analysis through mapping;
  • Creation of data-driven personas; 
  • Alignment of user needs and business goals;
  • Validation of problem statements and product / service fit;
  • Defining priorities and action items.

Step 4. Content Strategy

Structure & content matter

Content strategy and copywriting are different things. You’ll still need to hire a copywriter or write the content yourself. However, you still need a strategy. Here’s what I’ll help you with:

  • Review website goals and individual content for each page to support how users would navigate through content to achieve their goals;
  • Review personas and empathy maps to decide on the messaging strategy, voice, tone;
  • Determine structure for each page: prioritize and organize content, including call-to-actions;
  • Sitemap;
  • Guidance for wireframes (optional).


At this point, it’s highly recommended you hire a copywriter and SEO expert to write effective content that aligns with your strategy. It’s recommended an additional session with your copywriter involved. I can recommend you copywriting and SEO experts.

Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD

Step 5. Hiring or DIY

website strategy UX

Important decisions!

Now you’re finally ready to go ahead and actually build your website! I always recommend you hire a professional if possible, but it’ll depend on the stage where you’re at.

This is what we’ll be covering in our last session together:

  • Your options: Should you DIY or hire someone else to do it?
  • What are the platforms / tools available if you want to DIY?
  • If you’re hiring a web designer, which platform should they be specialized in, and why?
  • How to select the right designer for the job and how to communicate your brief?
  • What other professionals will you need to hire? Do you have a brand identity and strategy, logo design, photography?
  • Which tools can you implement in your website so you can gather data and understand your users better?
  • How to optimize your website continuously for better conversions?

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Yes, this program is available only in full, and the sessions are only for your reference. After having tested this program with several clients, I’ve decided to stop offering individual sessions since all these steps are necessary in order to ensure a strategic process.

It’s highly recommended you take the full program and take the required actions from each session. By committing to this program fully, you’re investing in a proven user-centered framework.

Yes, this program has a duration of 4 months. While I’m able to adapt to your schedule, you’re required to book all sessions in advance within this period. No shows are non-refundable.

This program is consulting only. I’ll be giving you as much support as I can but I won’t conduct research or design the website for you. Contact me if you’d like to discuss other options.

This is exactly aimed at NON-TECHY people! You’ll feel empowered and confident with the decisions you make.

Absolutely! I have special conditions for partners so let me know if you’d like to do a collaboration together. 

Pricing: Your Investment

Pay in full

$ 3680 full program
  • 16 one-hour sessions in total
  • 4 sessions per month
  • Support on timeline & goal setting
  • Homework tasks & templates
  • Unlimited email support for 4 months

4x payments

$ 1150 x4
  • 16 one-hour sessions in total
  • 4 sessions per month
  • Support on timeline & goal setting
  • Homework tasks & templates
  • Unlimited email support for 4 months


$ 1150 monthly
  • No deadlines, take as long as you need
  • Max 4 sessions per month
  • Support on timeline & goal setting
  • Homework tasks & templates
  • Unlimited email support every month

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