Build your WordPress Website with my help.

The solution for DIY'ers who don't want to sacrifice their vision and business goals.

Step 1. Initial Strategy call

Recommended: Minimum x1

To get started, we’ll be working on a website strategy aligned to your goals.  A minimum of one session is recommended, but you’re free to book more sessions if you need more support.

Before you get started, I recommend you download my free workbook. You’ll have a much more clear idea of the main actionable items and we can use the time in our slot to go through any questions or additional help you need.

This Website Strategy call is for you if:

  • You’re creating a new website from scratch;
  • You already have a website but it’s not converting your visitors into leads or customers;
  • You’re creating a new landing page targeted to a specific audience and product;
  • You want to improve the experience you’re providing to your users via your website;
  • You want to align your business goals to your user needs so you can sell more while still making your audience happy.

Step 2. Live Website Review (optional)

Recommended if you have an existing website

This slot is recommend if you already have an existing website.

We’ll be reviewing your current website in order to identify opportunities for improvement and align these with your business goals and user needs.

My reviews are objective and follow a framework that is based on:

  • Usability heuristics (UX);
  • Best practices;
  • Industry-relevant experience and secondary research;
  • Potential missed conversion opportunities (CRO best practices)
  • Optional: Any research you’ve conducted previously.


You’ll be leaving this call with actionable items and strategic ideas to be tested.

Step 3. DIY Support Call

Recommended: 2x

*This call is only available if you’re starting your website from scratch so I can recommend you some of the tools I personally use and my own methods & process. Not applicable to existing websites, except if you are a past client of mine.

Recommended (depending on your skills):

  • 1 initial DIY call to help you with the setup, implementation and instructions so you’re able to build your own website easily without coding knowledge;
  • 1 final DIY call for troubleshooting and additional questions.

DIY calls can cover topics such as:

  • Hosting and domains providers options, including managed WordPress hosting providers to facilitate your job and ongoing maintenance;
  • Which plugins (free and paid) to achieve the functionality you need;
  • How to get your website look a certain way with minimal coding skills;
  • How to improve the look and feel of your current website;
  • How to start tracking data with Google Analytics and other tools;
  • And more!

Important note: This is not a coding or design class. It’s aimed towards non-designers who want to build their own website or at least its minimum viable version before investing further. 


You’re free to pick and choose the sessions that make the most sense for you at the moment. These are just for guidance purposes. These are also booked individually, so you only pay for each session in separate. You aren’t forced to continue booking more sessions after your first one. You have probably enrolled in programs where you felt overwhelmed with the amount of info to digest. Here, you only pay for what you use, and you do it at your own pace.

Absolutely NOT. You’re free to book your sessions whenever you want as long as there’s availability, and you can also take a break for as long as you want. That’s why these sessions are purchased in separate. 

For accountability purposes, I recommend some consistency but the schedule is entirely up to you.

No. I’ll be giving you as much support as I can, including sharing my screen and guiding you step-by-step until you achieve your desired look, but I won’t design the website for you. Contact me if you’d like me to actually design a website for you.

This is exactly aimed at NON-TECHY people! I want to empower you so you can regain control over your own website.

Depends on the type of support you’ll require. I won’t provide you with development support but I can help you with UX from beginner to advanced. So if you’re an experienced developer who needs support with the User Experience and strategy, then the strategy and review calls will still be useful to you. DIY support calls not as much.