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How can a growth driven website help your business?

Traditional web design is risky. I'm GDD (Growth Driven Design) certified by Hubspot and I apply this method to my web design process in order to boost conversion rates and drive optimal results using real data.

With traditional web design based on assumptions, you risk unexpected costs (out of scope), delays and lack of return on investment. 

Every GGD website process is composed of three main stages: Strategy, Launch Pad, and Continuous Improvement. This allows us to make data-driven design decisions and continuously learn and improve.

Growth Driven Design Ana Santos

Why WordPress as CMS?

I use WordPress as your CMS because it's a popular content management system (CMS) that is simple and easy to use for your daily basic needs. Flexible, portable, easily customizable, with unlimited scalability potential.

  • WordPress is free forever!
  • It's open source and free from commercial restrictions and limitations
  • It's easy to use and manage
  • It's perfect to run a blog
  • It's safe and secure (if you maintain it with care)
  • It's popular and you can get support from the community
  • Scalable: Your website can grow from a landing page to a robust e-commerce website or even a membership website
  • SEO friendly (even better with YOAST Seo)
  • Self-hosting with WordPress means you own your own content
  • You're committed to one hosting provider - leave who you aren't happy with
  • Read more at WordPress Against The World
christian brown

Working with Ana- from conception to execution- has been a near-seamless experience: quite a feat when making a entirely new website and transferring domains! She's a rare creative with the ability to manifest your vision; mine turned out better than I'd ever hoped. If you need a website or custom graphics, stop wasting time and start building your dream (with Ana). Christian Brown, Author

How much is the investment?

Launch Pad

from $3000

45-day flex website:
Strategy and goal planning
UX research & fundamental assumptions
Personas creation
Journey mapping
Information architecture
Wireframes & prototype
Acceleration approach
Live website 80/20 wishlist

GGD Retainer

from $5,000 p/month

12 month retainer with website strategy.
Website performance roadmap
UX & action items
Wishlist prioritization
A/B Testing
CRO: Conversion rate optimization
Data analysis & Analytics reports
Monthly performance reviews
Monthly e-meetings


What's the process?


Brief & Strategy Call

In order to build you a website focused on growth, I will need to learn about your audience and understand how your website aligns to their needs. During the strategy phase, we'll define clear business objectives and we will focus on your end user. The data we'll be gathering will help us to fulfil your customers' needs, understand their pain points and adapt your website to ensure a smooth user journey.



Starting with strategy will enable us to prepare a wishlist of ideas to implement. For your launch pad website, we'll be using the 80/20 rule, where we'll implement 20% of items that will produce 80% of the impact for your users.


Wireframes / Prototype

This phase will include the basic outline of your website (low fidelity wireframes) into a prototype based on the agreed page outlines / flows. See 'What is a wireframe'?
This a very important step and it's when we'll be aligning your content, features, and goals. If we're working alongside a copywriter, they'll be involved at this stage. We won't proceed to the next step until we the final content and structure are approved.


Style Tiles 

Now that you know how your website will work, it's time to decide on how it will look like. We'll agree on colors, fonts and styling in general. See 'What are Style Tiles'?
Review everything carefully, because changes beyond this stage will be out of scope.


Launch Pad Development 

I'll start developing your launch pad website on a staging environment based on the structure and style guidelines agreed on step 4 and 5. Remember the launch pad is not a "finished" website, because a website is never "finished". It is however a professional website based on fundamental assumption and which reflects your business values. 


Official Launch

Once you sign off and approve the launch pad website, we're ready to go live! You need to buy a domain if you don't have one yet, but don't worry I'll guide you through the process. I use Flywheel managed WP hosting to host your website. Your account will be transferred to you as the owner, where you'll be billed accordingly. Once your launch pad goes live, we're ready to start gathering data from your real users! 


Continuous Improvement

Your 12-month retainer package will involve sprint cycles, each composed of four phases: plan, build, learn and transfer. During each cycle, we'll start a plan focused on a specific metric you want to improve. The highest impact ideas will be prioritized and tested.


WP Training

You'll receive free WP training in case you want to stop renewing your 12-month retainer and implement basic changes yourself.

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