UX Coaching & Mentorship Program

"79% see mentoring as critical to career success."
Source: Huffington Post (March 11, 2017)

Hey there, my name is Ana and I’m partnering with Werner to provide you an exclusive apply-only UX Mentorship & Coaching Program.

It’s a 100% online coaching program with 24/7 mentorship support.

Is this program for you?

  • You’re switching careers and transitioning to UX from a different field;
  • You’re a burned out freelance designer who wants to increase their value by adding UX to their skillset;
  • You’re a student or graduate looking for your first UX job or internship;
  • You’re the solo UX designer in your organization;
  • You’re an experienced designer looking for your next UX challenge or next career move.

Why Formal Mentoring?

There’s huge value in organic relationships and informal mentorships, but they don’t replace a structured program.

Our program is tailored to your specific needs and borrows elements from coaching, mentoring and tutoring. 

  • Accelerate your growth in UX;
  • Explore your UX career options;
  • Achieve your personal goals;
  • Add value to your web design projects;
  • Get structured guidance, feedback, and advice.
During my career, I've already worked as a freelancer and in-house UX designer, with digital agencies, startups and giant techs such as Google. I'm now an independent UX Consultant and Coach.

Why Ana?

I’ve transitioned from visual design to UX many years ago and had different roles from UI/UX to UX research. I know what it feels to be overwhelmed with the amount of options and information out there!

During my UX journey I’ve worked with some amazing companies: Google, Springboard, European Innovation Academy, just to mention a few. 

I helped students and professional designers from different backgrounds to land a job they love within a couple of months. 

I’m not saying it’s impossible to do it on your own. I’m only here to help you.

Why Werner?

Werner is a UX lead and manager who has extensive experience recruiting and hiring new UX designers and developers, both junior and senior.

He’s also a brand storyteller specialized in personal branding for artists and designers. Werner will be able to help you craft your own career personal brand so you can communicate your value and land the dream role you want.


My mentees landed roles at companies such as:

Coaching + Mentoring

I borrow elements from both coaching and mentoring methodologies to provide you a program that is tailored to your unique needs.
  • As a mentor, I’ll give you support, guidance and specific answers;
  • As a coach, I’ll help you grow your skills and confidence so you’re able to make your own decisions;
  • As a coach, each session will be structured;
  • As a mentor, I’ll let you add your own agenda to each session;
  • Goal-setting and action plans are part of our program in order for you to achieve the results you want;
  • Duration will vary from a coaching perspective to an ongoing mentorship / support program, according to your needs.

What are some popular use cases for UX coaching?

Achieve Your Career Goals

Getting started in UX can be daunting, whether you want to work on your own or are looking to pursue a full-time career. The first steps you take can shape your path forever. Should you be a generalist, specialist, in-house, agency, freelance? Should you focus more on User Research or Interface Design? My role is to help you gain clarity through your dream career path.

UX Portfolio
Improve Your Portfolio Strategy

Your UX portfolio can be your secret weapon if done properly. It should be relevant to the type of jobs you want to attract and highlight your process.

How do you stand out, especially if you’re lacking in experience? I can help you and guide you towards the right direction, regardless of the stage you’re at.

Live classes
Learn UX With Me

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so much information online available!

The reason why most self-paced courses have low completion rates is because they lack structured support, a sense of community and accountability.

A mentor / coach will keep you accountable while providing you extra support for your self-paced initiatives. 

Get Ongoing Feedback & Support

Nervous, anxious, wishing you had regular feedback from someone more experienced that you can trust?

Landed your first UX role or big project? Or perhaps your company doesn’t have a mentorship program in place and you are the solo UX designer there.

Get unlimited email support and detailed project feedback while you grow your skills and confidence.

I'm sold. How do I get started?

UX Coaching with Ana Santos

Step 1: Application Form

It’s time to fill my short application form with love and care! I take a limited amount of mentees, so this is the first step to understand if we’d be the right fit!

I sometimes offer free sessions. These are very limited so please only request a free session if you are seriously considering working together, otherwise respect our time and give the chance to someone else. You can book an individual on-demand session instead.

Step 2: Approval Process

If we both feel we’re the right fit to work together, you’ll receive a proposal to sign up for a tailored subscription that you can cancel anytime in case you’ve chosen a monthly plan.

 The cost of the program depends on your needs and you’ll receive guidance to pick the best option for you. 

Step 3: Book Your Calls!

My program allows you to book a certain number of sessions (video calls via Zoom).

To make the best use of the program, I recommend we agree on a call at the same day(s) and time every week.

This way we avoid availability conflicts and it helps us create a routine and structure!

Step 4: Tracking Progress and Unlimited Support

When we start working together, I’ll send you a common tracker and editable template to provide us with a workspace where I can share feedback and resources with you!

You also get unlimited email support if you need to ask a quick question or need additional project feedback. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $900/month, depending on the type of support you need. Please apply to have a chat and get a quote.

We are accepting new applications again! Apply now while there are still slots left  ↓

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