UX Career

UX Career Mentorship

From $290 to $1260/month

UX Design Mentorship / Coaching

My exclusive UX Career Program is a 100% online tailored coaching program with 24/7 mentorship support. Available via application only.

You might benefit from formal mentorship if: you’re switching careers and transitioning to UX from a different field; you’re a student or graduate looking for your first UX job or internship; you’re a solo UX designer in your organization; you’re an experienced designer looking for your next UX challenge or next career move; you’re a freelance designer who wants to add UX to your current skills.

UX Project Feedback

$172 /individual session (VAT incl)

UX Project Feedback

You can book an individual session (audio/video) to receive feedback on any UX project.

This session can be useful for you if: you’re the solo UX designer in your team; you lead your own in-house UX team but need a fresh perspective on a specific project; you’re a UX student who wants feedback on a class project or case study preparation.You can ask general feedback or specific to a stage of a project (example: low fidelity prototype).

UX Portfolio Review

$172 (1-hour session + extras)

UX portfolio review

Book a mini 1:1 workshop focused on improving your portfolio: 60 min slot + pre & post-call assessment.

Your UX portfolio review includes:
Pre-session worksheet (before the call); 1-hour video call; post-session personalized checklist with the action items discussed during the call; free bonus 30min call within 3 months (optional) to follow up on improvements.

UX Tutoring

$172 /individual session (VAT incl)

If you’re a UX student, book this 60 min slot to get help with any UX topic, whether you’re learning UX on your own, completing a self-paced course, or attending classes.

I can help you with anything from user research through prototyping to testing & validation. If you’re interested to learn a specific tool please message me first to ensure I’m the right person to help you. My focus is UX and not UI.

UX Career Advice

$172 /individual session (VAT incl)

Book this 45-min slot to gain clarity on your UX career path.

The UX career power calls can be useful if: you’re a beginner and want to understand better your UX career options; you’re in a design, marketing or research field where you conduct some UX-related tasks but want to pursue a UX full-time career; you’re already working in UX but want to grow your career and get clarity on the path you want to pursue; you want general UX career advice, interviewing and resume tips.

Free UX Resources


UX free resources

I’ve put together a curated curriculum with my favorite resources to help you get started!

New to UX? It can get overwhelming, with all the amount of info out there. Check out my curated curriculum to be guided through some of my favorite resources. 

Learn how User Experience can make your online business thrive!