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Email Design.

Why do you need Email Design?

Considering email has a median ROI of 122% — more than four times higher than other marketing formats examined by DMA and Demand Metric's latest survey, it's essential you get email design right. More than short-term benefits, email allows you to build a relationship with your customers and gain loyal fans for life.  And relying on heavily image-based emails or emails that perform poorly across different email clients will cost you.

Email Design and Development
The Pizza Press

"I highly recommend Ana, we wanted our brand to look amazing and she did just that! Now, our email design is professional and really sets us apart from the competition!"  Diana, Marketing Manager at The Pizza Press

Html emails

What is this about?

  • I'll design and code a beautiful html email for you that will be responsive (obviously), and compatible across all devices and major email clients.
  • The best? It's that you can use the code anywhere - it doesn't matter which email marketing provider you use: Mailchimp, Mailerlite, SendinBlue, even a more robust CMS or any new platforms using Amazon SES. All you need is to import my code and start sending. You'll just need to change minor tags (such as 'unsubscribe') according to your email provider, but just let me know which one you're using and I can do that for you too!

What if I am not able to import the code?

If you're struggling, I can help you importing my code into your email service provider system, free of charge. 

Is this a template? Can I change it?

No, this is not a template, this is raw code. If you know html basics, you can change it but be careful because each module of your email comes with conditional code (every email provider out there is different and we need to ensure your email is compatible across the major ones). I advise you to only change colors and minor things if you don't have prior experience with email coding. If you do change something, don't forget to test it.

What if I want to change the text?

It's very easy to edit the text within the raw html code, I'll make sure it's simple for you by providing you with step-by-step instructions. For example, if it's a branded communications email and you want to use the same exact structure all over again, all you need is to change the copy content and there you go!

Html Email
Mailchimp Template

Mailchimp templates

How is this different?

  • If you're using Mailchimp and you aren't comfortable with code but you still want more customization than what Mailchimp template builder offers, then this could be perfect for you.
  • How is this different? Once I'm finished with your 100% custom email design, then you'd be able to import your custom html template into any email software. However, you won't be able to change it visually, only by editing the code. If I add Mailchimp templating language, then you'll be able to edit your email visually, via Mailchimp. That's what an editable Mailchimp template is. 
  • Mailchimp templates are easy to edit but remember this is a custom template and you're still limited to the custom options you've requested in first place. So you can't just drag and drop around. Mailchimp editable templates aren't visual builder tools but they make it pretty easy for you to edit your content without having to touch a line of code. 

How much is the investment?

Opt-in Integration


Your emails are ready but no opt-in forms yet? Oh-oh, let's solve that.

Implementation & design of up to 5 opt-in forms into your WordPress website;
3D mock-up of your freebie or design of your offer.

Html Email


Custom designed from scratch;
Hand-coded and fully compliant with email best practices;
Responsive and functional across mobile & desktop;
Tested across all devices and major email clients;
Free assistance for uploading.

Custom Template


Custom designed from scratch;
Hand-coded and fully compliant with email best practices;
Responsive and functional across mobile & desktop;
Tested across all devices and major email clients;
Free assistance for uploading;
Custom Mailchimp template.

happy go lucky email design

"Ana helped us create a beautiful Mailchimp custom template for our business. It came out exactly like we hoped it would and she was great to work with."  Cass,  Operations Manager at Happy Go Lucky

My work samples

What's the process?



You'll be filling a quick questionnaire so I can have an understanding of what are your goals for your email (s). The more detailed you are about what you have in mind and how that can represent your brand, the better. You'll also need to send me the content.


Design & Development 

I'll be designing and developing the first version of your responsive email in html. You'll be able to check the live link on both desktop and mobile.



Once we've gone through any required changes and you sign off your html email, then I'll be testing across devices and major email clients to ensure there are no compatibility issues. You'll be sent a test email to your own email address and receive screenshots of my test results.


Delivery & Extras 

I'll deliver you the final files (html + instructions) and will also be available to help you importing these files into your email software. If you've purchased a template service, then I'll convert the final html into an easily editable template.

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