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What is branding?

Many people think that branding is just a logo and a tagline. Wrong. Branding is everything. Your website, your marketing collateral, your tone, your message, how you communicate to your customers. It's what you as a company represent to your consumers. 

Confirm your credibility

& attract better customers

Having a professional and polished brand image along with a consistent strategy will help you build trust with your potential customers and also align with your target audience. This means more sales, which means: Increased revenue.

Elevate your value

Stand out, charge more

You'll be able to position yourself as an industry expert. Your brand has a set of values that will differentiate from your competitors. This is your chance to build a premium brand and charge premium prices. Which means: Increased revenue.

Increase loyalty

& inspire trust

Strong branding will make sure you're recognized. People will most likely buy from you if your brand is consistent and memorable. They'll choose your service and product again, and they'll recommend it to their friends. Which means: Increased revenue.

How much is the investment?

Visual Identity


Custom Logo Design
Discovery Call
3x Initial Concepts
Primary Color Palette (Pantone, CMYK, RGB, hex codes)
Industry Standard Final Files (Digital & Print)
File Usage Guidelines
Full ownership rights

Brand Identity Package


Everything included in Visual Identity Package, plus:

Brand Audit
Consumer Research
Brand Naming
Brand Positioning
Story & Message
Brand style guidelines
5 high-res stock images
Full ownership rights

What's the process?


Brief & Discovery Call

You'll be filling a branding questionnaire so I can understand your business and needs before we jump together into our discovery call. Our first call can last up to 40 min for the Visual Identity package and up to 90 min for the complete Brand Identity Package. Fun, isn't it? 



I'll be conducting research focused on your industry, your dream client, and competitors. Complete brand identity packages also include consumer research and market research.


Brand Audit 

This phase isn't applicable to all my branding services, only the complete brand identity package. It starts with a brand audit to see where you are at. This includes the analysis of your current brand strategy: your name, tagline, logo design and tone of communication. We'll go through your main branding goals together to find what is working and what is not. If you don't have a brand yet, we'll start right from the very beginning. We'll create a brand that reflects your vision and values.


Action Plan & Strategy 

I'll suggest a strategy and a proposal for the new direction of your brand (Brand Identity package). This will include a complete strategy that goes from naming to positioning, style, story and message.


Mood boards & References 

I'll go through the imagery, references, and colors you've sent me during the briefing stage. I'll then create a final mood board based on your vision and my own research.


Initial Concepts 

After a lot of sketching and brainstorming, I'll suggest 3 initial concepts in black and white - nothing more, nothing less. It's very important that you get to see the concept in black and white first. From those three, you'll be choosing one final concept to be refined.


Typography Palette

We'll work on refining your chosen concept. It needs to represent your brand and values. We'll be experimenting with different typography to decide on your official brand fonts.


Color Palette 

At this stage, we are ready to explore the color schemes that will define your brand and visual identity.


Approval & Delivery

Once the final logo design is approved, you'll receive the industry standard files (vector files, digital and print files CMYK and RGB, including grayscale, black and white, and alternative versions) + the file usage guidelines (Visual Identity package) or the brand style guidelines (complete Brand Identity package).
Complete ownership will be transferred to you, there's no extra charge for this. Your brand belongs to you. Owning your brand means you're able to get your brand identity trademarked from your local registry. You also have the freedom to use your visual identity without fear of copyright violation.

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