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Individual brains, like individual bodies, are different from each other, but there is almost nothing that you cannot improve or change. — Blakemore and Frith (2007)

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is a blend of User Experience (UX) and Instructional Design.

In this case, the user is the “learner“. The learner can be a user of your course, training or any other educational program or content.

In LXD, our aim is to create a memorable learning experience that will help your learners achieve their goals. It’s more than your course’s content, topic or its profitability. It’s an impact-driven approach with the focus on providing an enjoyable and relevant learning experience to those you teach.

Just like in UX, we need to fully understand your learner and integrate research before jumping into course creation.

Website Strategy & UX

Plan your profitable website strategy in 5 steps.

I bet you know…

If you’re a web designer who’s creating websites for their clients, you know how tricky this process can be. The truth is that many of your clients have never interacted with their potential their users, so how could they know it any better?

In order to become the expert that your clients trust and be confident that you’ll be creating a results-oriented website, you need to be able to explain why a website involves more than the technical aspects of design and development.

I’m happy to either partner with you or coach you so you can offer a holistic approach to your clients, including all the steps involved in research and strategy that so many often skip.

UX matters!

Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.— Source: Forbes
profitable website strategy in 5 steps

Grow your UX career!

79% see mentoring as critical to career success.— Source: Huffington Post
UX Career Coach with Werner and Ana

Grow a career in UX

There’s huge value in organic relationships and informal mentorships, but they don’t replace a structured program.

My services are tailored to your specific needs and borrows elements from coaching, mentoring and tutoring. 

  • Accelerate your growth in UX;
  • Explore your UX career options;
  • Achieve your personal goals;
  • Add value to your web design projects;
  • Get structured guidance, feedback, and advice.