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Outsourcing: How Spending Money Might Actually Save You Money

Ana Santos

Ana Santos

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🎓  I have a BA in Design, Post-Graduate in Neuropsychology (Adult Education), and currently pursuing MSc in Education

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So much to do and so little time…

As a small business owner or startup, chances are you’re always looking for ways to achieve more without exhausting every dollar in your bank account. The whole idea of saving money while running a business is huge, but there are times when you actually have to shell out cash to get things done. You might not know this but outsourcing can turn out to be a cost-effective way to manage the myriad of tasks you have on your to-do list.

The big idea here is to hire the services of other people to accomplish important tasks at the “fraction” of the price (because “your” time is money!). This will give you the opportunity to focus more on growing your business and if you so wish, you can choose to enjoy some “me” time too! Amazing, right?

So in what ways can outsourcing save you money? Just read on find out!

1. Reasonable Costs

Yes, this is perhaps the biggest advantage of outsourcing — when done right, businesses get to achieve their goals at a fraction of the price. Essentially, a company can save substantial amounts of money when they choose to outsource certain tasks. 

2. Instant Access to Experts

Let’s face it; you can’t possibly be an expert in everything. Some estimate that it takes 10,000 hours to master something! Why would you want to do everything by yourself when you’ll never be able to master all different skills to an expert level?  You could simply delegate that task to someone who’s specialized in that specific field and use that time more wisely in your business.

In fact, even if you have a multi-skilled team, chances are not everyone in your business can carry out all the tasks you need. Trust me, at such times, you won’t be wrong to choose to outsource over hiring a full-time employee.  

3. Time Zone Advantage

The talent you hire doesn’t need to be local. This is a great benefit of offshore outsourcing — it’s an excellent way to keep things moving even when you’re closed for work. So of course, besides the initial cost savings, your company will get to enjoy higher revenues and hopefully blow the competition out of the water.

4. More Focus on Core Tasks

Is your business growing faster than anticipated? If yes, that’s great news! But of course, the growth comes with a price — you’ll want to figure out how to get more things done. Well, of course, at this point, your best bet is to outsource. For instance, once you outsource some back-end office operations and administrative work, your business will get to focus on other important functions that are likely to take it to the next level. All in all, outsourcing repetitive tasks is key to achieving more and saving big in the long-run. Need an idea of what repetitive task to outsource right now? Well, I recommend starting with customer support and oh, be sure to focus on giving the job to companies overseas — the 24-hour availability is huge!

5. Better Customer Experience

Now that you’ve decided to give outsourcing a shot, you’ll get to focus your time and energy on making your customers happy. Remember, client satisfaction is key to increasing business success — be sure to do all you can to stand out!

Summing it up, we can see that outsourcing has a whole lot of advantages. Don’t be afraid to spend money, because doing so will actually save you money in the long run. My little piece of advice: don’t just outsource to anyone — only stick to reliable specialists who are trustworthy and ensure they are able to deliver to your company’s standards.

Good luck!


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