Join me on my course redesign journey

What does this mean?

  • Receive regular updates;
  • What went wrong with my first online course;
  • What’ll be improved in the new course’s version;
  • Learn my learning experience design process;
  • Get involved in the course creation process.

I'm redesigning the learning experience of my Landing Page Optimization course!

Hey! I'm Ana.

I’m a User Experience (UX) Consultant, Educator and Learning Experience Designer (LXD) based in Portugal. Besides teaching and training UX professionals, I help course creators, educators and training providers around the globe create learner-centered learning experiences. 

I’m a lifelong learner with an educational background in Design (B.A), Neuropsychology (Master) and currently being Learning Experience Design (LXD) certified — which I’m exploring in-depth through this journey.

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