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Landing Page Optimization Academy

From Visitor to Loyal Client in 4 Weeks!

*limited places for the beta program

Everything you need to know to create non-spammy looking Landing Pages that convert and help you build a trust relationship with your visitors.

Start converting visitors into loyal clients through your landing pages in 4 weeks! – even if you're not a designer

Create your first conversion-focused Landing Page with the help of my 4-week program that teaches you the basics of the science of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Have you ever thought how much money you could be losing by sending your potential customers to landing pages that don’t convert?

If you’re like most of the clients I’ve consulted with, you’ve worked hard in your products and services, you’re amazing at what you do, and you’ve put a lot of effort into marketing your offers.

So… what did they do wrong?

All these talented people with amazing services and offers were sending all that hard-gained traffic to a page that didn’t convert!

Their problem was NOT traffic.  Whether you have 5 or 500 people visiting your page, you can maximize the profit by converting those who already visit you!

Imagine the change that this could make in your business. 

Landing Page Optimization Academy

$157 ($387 )


How confident do you feel about your current landing page (s) and website?

You’re in the RIGHT place if…

  • You’re sending tons of traffic but you’re not converting.
  • You aren’t happy with your website design or overall look.
  • You know the structure and layout of a page is as important as the copy, but you don’t know how to get started.
  • You don’t feel confident you’re creative enough to design pages that reflect your vision and brand.
  • You’re tired of promoting your website and landing pages, organically and/or via paid ads just to get no results.
  • You’re scared to give up control and hand your website to someone else (at least for now…)
  • You’re either DIY’ing or very involved in the work that is being developed on your website.
  • You don’t want to become a developer but want to know the bare minimum to update and evolve your website, as well as create your own targeted landing pages.
  • You aren’t getting enough sales, subscribers or engagement.

LPO Academy is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t want to get your hands dirty.
  • You don’t want to be involved in the growth of your website.
  • You rather hand everything to someone else.
  • You don’t intend to take action and think there’s a magic bullet.
  • You want to become a coding expert (this is not a coding course).
  • You want to learn how to get more traffic (this is not a digital marketing course, this is about converting the traffic you already have).

This is why I’ve designed this program for you!

Welcome to LPO Academy, Beta Version:

Online Course
Lifetime access to the 4-module course: Take it at your own pace!
4x Group Coaching Sessions: 1 session per week & module
1:1 consultation
1:1 FREE Consultation (Remember, places are limited in the Beta!)
Ana at Google

Meet your instructor:

My name is Ana and I’m a UX and CRO consultant who works with clients from all over the world! I’ve worked with agencies and companies of all sizes, and co-led the Mobile UX initiative at Google Portugal.

Through User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) you’ll be able to build not only amazing products and websites but also a genuine brand that delights your users and converts them into long-term advocates.

The most successful companies in the world care about User Experience. Why shouldn't you?


Jeff Bezos invested 100 times more in user experience rather than advertising, during the inception of Amazon. Source.

Google UX

Focus on the user and all else will follow. From its inception, Google has focused on providing the best user experience possible. Source


Went from failure to $10B evaluation and attributes it to user research. Mike Gebbia from Air BnB has said “when we started talking to our customers and seeing how they used our service, it was the defining moment of success that turned the company around. Source

UX has a history of building brands..

What you'll learn in the LPO Academy:

Module 1

Find a purpose and make it clear.

How can you create a landing page without a goal?

The most common mistake is to create a landing page without any goals or purposes.

In this first module, you will see what errors to avoid, and how to build a landing page that will match with your goals, and those of your potential customers.

  • Dedicated Landing Pages or Integrated Landing Page? All the differences you need to know.
  • What are the Top Priority Pages of your website
  • What is the purpose of your Homepage? Let’s find it together.
  • Business Goals and Conversion Goal: the most common examples.
  • User Goals and Tasks: types, patterns and differences.
  • Align your business goals with those of your potential customers.

Module 2

Generate trust, or you will lose your potential customers.

Would you buy a product you don’t trust?
To buy a product or a service, a potential customer must trust you, your brand and your product.
In this module, you will find out the mistakes that annoy your prospects, and you will learn the techniques to promote trust and evoke emotions in your landing pages.

  • Usability: let’s learn its role.
  • How to earn the trust of your visitors.
  • Ways to ruin usability.
  • Usability isn’t enough, here is why.
  • Poor conversion? The most common mistakes.
  • The importance of visual design and its principles.
  • Designing for Mobile.
  • Designing for PET (Persuasion, Emotion, Trust).
  • Principles of social psychology to gain trust and persuade.
  • The anatomy of highly converting landing pages.

Module 3

Data for dummies.

Data is a fundamental aspect to sell; and in this module, we will treat it in the simplest way possible, to make it accessible to everyone.

Why is data so important? Data is essential in making crucial decisions about your business logically and functionally.

  • Super easy to use analytics tools for your business needs.
  • Collect your data directly from your audience.
  • Research doesn’t have to be expensive: let’s do it on a budget.
  • What to ask and never ask your audience.
  • Why you always need to validate your ideal client profile.

Module 4

Testing is easier than you think.

Why is testing so important? Because this is the only way to understand if the changes you’ve made to your landing page are working with your target audience or not.

With new tools, testing can be easier than you think. Even if your pages don’t get enough traffic, there are appropriate methods to carry out tests. In this module you will approach testing from different perspectives, and you will be able to find the method that works best for your audience.

  • What is testing?
  • What is split testing? 
  • How to test low-traffic landing pages and websites.
  • Usability testing for dummies.
  • Generate and validate your hypotheses, here’s how.


Tech for Beginners:
WordPress for Landing Pages

Surprise surprise! Bonus module! I’ve created this one for those who are less tech-savy and want a simple way to build their own self-hosted landing pages.

  • WordPress basics: WP Managed Hosting & other options
  • Build your pages like a pro: recommended page builder plugins and themes (free & paid)
  • Step-by-step “Create your first landing page with WordPress + Elementor”
  • Step-by-step “Create your first opt-in form” 
  • Considerations for Mobile – Reverse columns, show & hide

Here's the summary of what you get:

Landing Page Optimization Academy - 4 module course

4-module course with lifetime access & FREE updates

Being an early adopter and purchasing my course during the beta phase at this crazy price doesn’t give you any less benefits! Much the opposite.

I reward those who help me shape my programs as this also means you’re helping others making the most of this course so they can benefit from it! This is why you get all these extra bonuses and perks for being part of the process.

Bonus WordPress module for non-techies

With all these new tools being released every day, WordPress has been getting the bad reputation for being too techy! Listen to me, this is a myth.

WordPress makes it easy for everyone to be able to edit their websites and self-host on their own.

So if you hate tech but you want to be in control over your own website and pages, this module is for you.

Landing Page Optimization Academy - WordPress Tech
Landing Page Optimization Academy - FB Community

Lifetime access to my private FB community

You’ll get lifetime access to:

1. “From Visitor to Loyal Client VIP community – for joining my Early Adopters waitlist, whether you enroll or not in the official program;

2. Exclusive group when you enroll officially in the LPO Academy where you’ll be able to attend weekly Q&As, office hours, and 1:1 support during the 4 weeks, plus lifetime access & help from the community!

+ these bonuses during BETA ONLY!!!

4x Group Coaching Calls

One of the biggest challenges for anyone who enrolls in a self-paced course is being able to finish it — and take action! 

If you don’t take action, you won’t see results.

Many courses offer live sessions and Q&As but I don’t see many offering this type of personalized support. 

While this course is 100% self-paced, I’ll be giving you an extra push to keep you on track with 4x personalized group coaching calls – one for each module.

I’ll do more than 4 but I’ll split in small groups so I can help everyone personally!

1:1 Free Consultation

FREE 1:1 Private Consultation!

This bonus on its own already pays for the whole course.

Profit is not my goal during the beta phase, because the feedback and ability to understand my audience is PRICELESS.

So during the beta ONLY, everyone will get a free 1:1 consultation with me where we get to discuss your landing page and come up with an action plan.

You can book a provisional date when you purchase the course (don’t worry, you can change the date later!)

To recap... If you enroll during the beta, you'll have access to:

✔ 4-module course with lifetime access & free updates

✔ Bonus WordPress module for non-techies

✔ Lifetime access to a private FB community 

✔ Weekly Q&As in the private FB group during the 4 weeks

Plus… during BETA only:

✔ 4x Group Coaching Calls

✔ FREE 1:1 Private Consultation!

✔ This crazy cheap price!

Website UX

By the end of this program...

✔ You’ll be able to create user-friendly landing pages that communicate your genuine value;

✔ You’ll learn how to create long-term impact and focus beyond short-term conversions;

✔ You’ll build pages that support the growth of a brand that people love, care about and trust;

✔ You’ll convert more!

✔ But most of all, you’ll make your users happy and their lives better.


This program is tailored to service-based businesses but since it’s focused on landing pages, you can still benefit from the conversion principles and best principles I teach. If you have a specific offer or campaign for your product, this is perfect for you!

No! This program is focused on strategy and methodology, so if you’re happy and comfortable with your current platform, you can apply what you learn and implement it.

There is a bonus module for WordPress so everyone is able to implement and take action, but this doesn’t mean you need to go through them.

This program will teach you how to communicate the value of your GREAT services through landing pages. This is for those who already know that their services and/or products meet their audience needs but they’re struggling with converting through their pages.

If you are unsure that your service solves a problem for your audience, or even if your audience would pay for such service, I’d recommend you go through a service creation program first. 

This is a 4-week program but you’ll have access to the materials for life so you can go through them at your own pace.

You can sign up for the waitlist until you decide – but hurry up, the places for the beta are limited! 

Joining the waitlist will give you access to a private community but not the same community of the program.

Great news. During the beta only, you have a FREE 1:1 consultation, just you and me, where you can ask me all questions you have during the whole hour! So hurry up!


I want my program to be useful for you, so I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you. After day 30, all payments are non-refundable.



The program starts on April 29! Reserve your place now!

(don’t worry, you can pick a provisional date for your 1:1 and change later!)

Above you’ll pay the beta program fee and pick the best time for your free 1:1 consultation.

You can reschedule your free consultation later as long as you do so 48h before the appointment. You’ll receive your login details and access to the course on 29th April.

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