Package of 6 x 60-min slots to help you create relevant services and products that meet what your audience needs and is willing to buy.This approach is based on Design Thinking methodology and user-centered principles.We can work on a new product / service from scratch that you plan on offering as part of your business strategy, or we can work in an existing product or service you already have.
  • Session #1: User needs and ideal client profile
  • Session #2: User research basics (support and guidance for data-driven personas)
  • Session #3: Data gathering & analysis
  • Session #4: Problem definition
  • Session #5: Brainstorming ideas & solutions
  • Session #6: Testing and validation
All sessions are for support, guidance, coaching & mentoring purposes. Actionable items need to be conducted by you or your team.Note: All 6 sessions need to be booked within 2 months. First 3 sessions need to be booked within the first month.

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