Product / Service Clarity

design thinking service and product creation
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Package of 6 x 60-min slots to help you create relevant services and products that meet what your audience needs and is willing to buy. This approach is based on Design Thinking methodology and user-centered principles. We can work on a new product / service from scratch that you plan on offering as part of your business strategy, or we can work in an existing product or service you already have.
  • Session #1: User needs and ideal client profile
  • Session #2: User research basics (support and guidance for data-driven personas)
  • Session #3: Data gathering & analysis
  • Session #4: Problem definition
  • Session #5: Brainstorming ideas & solutions
  • Session #6: Testing and validation
All sessions are for support, guidance, coaching & mentoring purposes. Actionable items need to be conducted by you or your team. Note: All 6 sessions need to be booked within 2 months. First 3 sessions need to be booked within the first month.
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