45-min slot to help you get started with your own WordPress website.If you already have planned your website strategy and have decided you want now to DIY, it’s time to get techy.This call will help you with any questions you need such as:
  • Which hosting and domains providers you can use;
  • Which plugins should you use to achieve the functionality you need;
  • How to get your website look a certain way with minimal coding skills;
  • How to improve the look and feel of your current website;
  • How to start tracking data with Google Analytics and other tools;
  • How to use your first website version to understand better your users and keep refining the experience to meet their needs;
  • And any other things you need help with!
Important note: This is not a coding or design class. It’s aimed towards anyone who wants to build a MVP or basic version of their website to test initial concepts and user behaviors. DIY solutions have their time and place and do not replace a professional service down the line.

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