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Ideal Learner Research 101

Identify & impact the learners of your course or content

Learn how to create data-driven learner profiles — so that you can create an impactful course or educational program.

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Ideal Learner Research 101

When was the last time you had a terrible learning experience?

Remember that last training session your boss made you attend?

How about that class you “almost” made through?

Or that course you “almost” completed?

Now think if this is the experience you want to provide to your learners…

When we don’t design a learner-centered experience, we often miss the mark and the result is beign unable to create an impact on our students’ lives. 

How important is that, you wonder? Why should you care?

It’s important to the point that your students’ (aka customers) satisfaction affects your own business as well!

The solution?

Knowing and understanding your learner.

That's why I've created this mini course!

At an accessible price of $99, so that more can access it

Even though I know this 4-part mini workshop is worth so MUCH more, I created it as an alternative to my 1:1 consulting services so everyone, no matter which stage, can benefit from understanding my learner-centered approach to the creation of impactful courses, workshops and classes. Teaching is more than just a job. We’re responsible for the impact we create.

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. — Stephen King, 11/22/63

By the end of this mini course...

You'll be able to:

Ideal Learner Research mini course

What's inside?

What do you get?



I’ll take you through my science-backed Learner First Framework™​ so that you can learn:

  • How to structure a strategic plan to create a course or program focused on your learners’ needs;
  • The elements involved in creating a learner-centered course or program that impacts your audience;
  • My step-by-step framework based on my approach to learning experience design (LXD);
  • The importance of knowing your audience;
  • How to brainstorm ideas and make sense of what you already know.
Learner-first framework LXD for done-for-you course creation
User Research Plan Learner



Tired of hearing the same generic advice: “just talk / interview your audience”? Me too. Researchers haven’t spent years studying research methodologies for nothing. Research is complex, I won’t sugarcoat it. I won’t be making impossible promises that I’ll turn you into a pro researcher overnight.

I will, however, provide you with important information and guide you through essential steps that will make your current research much more accurate!

  • Understand the difference between market research and user research;
  • Be able to tell the difference between “attitude” and “behavior” – and why this matters;
  • Identify common research methods and where they fit in;
  • Learn how to align your learning needs assessment with your research plan.



Surveys and interviews are some of the most common methods when it comes to research. We all heard about them, but are we doing them right?

  • Learn how surveys and interviews should align with your overall research plan;
  • Relate your surveys and interviews to your learning assessment goals;
  • Be able to tell the difference between good questions and bad questions;
  • Identify the main pros and cons of each method.
surveys & interviews user research
Learner Persona



After you’ve conducted research, you’re able to create data-driven learner profiles in an intentional and inclusive way.

In this part of the workshop, you’ll learn all about:

  • How to create a powerful persona that goes beyond demographics and superficial details that might cause more harm than good;
  • How to craft a learner persona or learner profile, focused on the complexity of learning needs;
  • How a persona can guide your decisions and program creation.

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