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Werner Griesel

Werner Griesel

UX Manager, Brand Experience Designer & Storyteller

Hi, I’m Werner, I solve problems through technology, data, and UX storytelling. I’m passionate about the online experience and I believe that great design is practical and human-centered at its core. I studied Communication Science, Visual Arts and User Experience, and I’m currently a UX Manager at Dotslash — a digital agency based in South Africa which has helped some of the countries’ largest brands with integration of digital technology. I’m also a Brand Experience Designer & Storyteller at

Ana Santos

UX Consultant & Educator and Learning Experience Designer (LXD)

I’m Ana and I’m a UX consultant & educator based in Portugal, working with clients from all over the world. After having worked for several agencies and companies in the UK, I’ve co-led the Mobile UX project at Google in Portugal, where I organized countless workshops and educational events. I studied Design, Neuropsychology, and Adult Education. I am now pursuing my Master in Education Sciences and dedicating fully to the education field.

Terms & Conditions

1. Email consultations are provided via email only. 

2. Each consultation includes 1 in-depth reply to your request + 1 free follow up (shorter).

3. In order to benefit from the follow up bonus, you’ll need to follow up within 2 weeks (from the time our reply is sent to you). For any follow ups beyond the expiry date, you’ll need to request a new consultation.

4. There’s no limit to the length or number of questions you can include in 1 email. But please be as specific as possible. If your question is vague or generic, you won’t obtain real value from this service. 

5. The turnaround time is only applicable from the moment your payment is confirmed.

6. The turnaround time is only applicable if we can access the information you sent us. It’s your responsibility to set the document permissions so we can access it. Being unable to access your Google doc will result in delays (your rush fee won’t be refunded). 

7. Our expert opinion is what is it: an opinion — based on the information we’ve received from you. We don’t take responsibility for the decisions you make based on it. 

8. As long as email consultations are open, every submission that is paid will be answered within the following timelines:

  • Standard fee: Between 3-5 days.
  • Rush fee: Within 24 hours.

9. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances. For example, you cannot request a refund if you don’t “like” or agree with our opinion. 

10. We won’t be requesting more information under any circumstances: your request is final. Make sure you review the information before hitting submit. If we don’t have enough information, we’ll reply based on the information you give us. We can’t stress this enough: The quality of your answer will depend on the quality of your questions. Be as specific as you can.

11. We reserve the right to change and adapt these terms as we see fit.