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Create a learner-centered & impactful program in 14 weeks, that will be able to position you as an authority figure in your field.

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. — Stephen King, 11/22/63

Become a thought leader in your field by teaching your expertise.

Create your course, workshop or program in 14 weeks!

with the Learner First Framework™ (L1F for short!)

the end of procrastination

For how long have you been postponing your course / program creation?

Creating a course or program where you teach the work of your life is a huge responsibility. It’s common to lack confidence and motivation when you’re unsure of the exact steps needed in order to create something that will meet your learners’ needs and position you as an authority in your field.

The good news is that most problems can be solved with a simple solution: a support system.

This mastermind will give you the support system you need to beat procrastination for good! You’ll be part of an exclusive and apply-only group of edupreneurs, and have access to live classes led by me. Finish your course or program in 14 weeks!

Let's do this!


I'm Ana

This is why I can help!

I’m a UX Educator & Learning Experience Designer (LXD) with 10+ years experience in the design field. My online learning experience is extensive, ranging from corporate training where I’ve worked with companies such as Google to teaching UX to individuals. 

In fact, I’ve built an Instagram audience of 40k+ based on a single premise: that people wanted to learn from me. I can say that teaching has changed my life, and I’m positive it can change yours.

As someone who has always focused on creating better experiences through websites and digital platforms, I started noticing there was a huge gap when it came to course creation.

There are so many people telling you how to sell your course and live on a passive income, but how many do actually teach you how to create a course with impact? A course that makes a real difference in your learners’ lives? A course that helps build your own personal brand? A course that positions you as the thought leader and expert you are! 

That’s why I’m here. I want to help you create a memorable and learner-centered experience, whether that’s a course, a workshop or a program. No non-sense methods, no big secrets to sell — it’s all about learning science, neuropsychology and user experience.


Ana Santos UX and Learning Experience Design LXD
You have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone.
And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.— American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)
Ana Santos Design Sprints


This program is not for everyone!

It’s for the action takers and those committed to creating a real impact in their learners lives.

Only 6 members  max will be selected, but you have high changes of being accepted if:

Ready to create your course in 14 weeks?

your own group

Join an intimate & exclusive group of likeminded edupreneurs (4-6 members)

live classes

Attend live and interactive classes & apply what you learn


Easy-to-use frameworks and step-by-step guides to do it on your own

The 14-Week Mastermind Program

How does it work?

There's method to madness!

How does this mastermind work?

During 14 weeks I’ll take you through a full program based on my Learner First Framework™ — my own LXD approach based on a blend of proven methodologies from learning sciences, instructional design, user experience & design thinking.

During these 14 weeks, you’ll have live classes with 1:1 feedback and real time collaboration with likeminded edupreneurs.

My science-proven Learner First Framework™ is based on Design Thinking, Learning Sciences & Instructional Design methodologies

What's included in this mastermind

What do you get?

Edupreneurs Mastermind LXD UX
Private Group
Between 4-6 handpicked members

value: priceless

Edupreneurship doesn’t need to be a solo journey. All members are required to apply and pass a selection process to ensure they’re the right fit for this program. You’ll be matched with other handpicked members that will support you through your journey!

Live classes
Led by me & full of practical exercises

value: $2,000+

Most masterminds provide you with the structure but not the knowledge. In this mastermind, you’ll have live classes that are fully practical and interactive.

Weekly meetings
Share your progress with your peers

value: priceless

Did you do your homework after the masterclass? Great, now you’ll be able to share your progress with your group! Not only you’ll get 1:1 feedback from me but also invaluable insights from your peers! Besides weekly meetings, you can also chat with your teammates in your private slack channel. 

live classes
Based on science & design thinking

value: $10,000+

Most programs out there are based on vague promises and tricky tactics to make you believe you’ll unlock a big secret once you purchase them. I’m not selling you any magic formula! Everything I’m teaching has already been done before. My framework is based on what I’ve studied and applied through the years. All I’m doing is making it easier for you, and giving you the support system you need in order to apply it.

Edupreneurs Mastermind LXD UX

That's a lot!

That's a value of at least $14,800...

But you won’t be paying anything near that amount.

The investment for this program is $2,500 with payment plans available. 

How does it exactly work?

Timeline & Structure

Week 1-4:

Who's your audience?

Selling a course is the easy part, but what good is it to sell a course that your learner can’t benefit from? This phase is key because our priority is to provide an experience that will impact your learners and help them achieve their goals.

  • WEEK 1: Masterclass, “User Research basics (applied to Learning)” (90min)
  • WEEK 2-4: Weekly Meetings (90min) with 1:1 and peer feedback
By the end of week 4
  • You’ll have crafted a strategic research plan and learning needs assessment that aligns with your business goals
  • You’ll have obtained data from your real audience that’ll allow you to better understand their learning needs and pain points
  • You’ll have understood the difference between you learners’ wants and needs, both perceived and unperceived
  • You’ll have learned how to avoid common research mistakes that can lead to inaccurate conclusions

Week 5-7:

Making sense of data

So now that you’ve gathered your data, what do you do with it?

  • WEEK 5: Masterclass, “Analyzing and synthetizing your data: techniques & tips” (90min).
  • WEEK 6-7: Weekly Meetings (90min) with 1:1 and peer feedback
By the end of week 7
  • You’ll have made data-driven conclusions about your audience’s real goals and learning needs
  • You’ll have a learner persona to guide your learning experience design decisions
  • You’ll have defined the learning objectives and outcomes of your program

Week 8-14:

Put it out there

No, the first version of your course doesn’t need to be perfect — neither it should.

  • WEEK 8: Masterclass, “Learning theories basics” (90min)
  • WEEK 9: Weekly Meeting (90min) with 1:1 and peer feedback
  • Week 10: Masterclass, “Structuring a curriculum and course content according to your learner needs” (90min)
  • WEEK 11: Weekly Meeting (90min) with 1:1 and peer feedback
  • Week 12: Masterclass, “Prototyping & testing your first concept” (90min)
  • WEEK 13-14: Weekly Meetings (90min) with 1:1 and peer feedback
By the end of week 14
  • You’ll have learned about learning theories to apply a scientific approach to your course or educational program
  • You’ll have structured your curriculum and course content according to your learner needs and program goals
  • You’ll have created the first prototype of first version of your course (“MVP” or Beta): Congrats!


Common Frequently Asked Questions

No! In this program, we'll start from scratch. It's even better if you don't have any idea, as you'll be more open to all the amazing things you'll discover about your audience and their real needs.

Absolutely! You can use this mastermind to redesign your course.

When putting together a cohort, I'll consider similar timezones and availability. The exact times and dates will be revealed in the beginning of the program, and it'll align as much as possible with everyone's availability. All sessions will be recorded, in case you can't attend for any reason. No refunds will be issued for missed sessions.

Good news, there's no fee or cost for applying! If you're accepted into the mastermind, you need to pay within the deadline to proceed, or you can chose to reject the invitation and automatically lose your spot.

You're free to attend all sessions, even if you haven't been able to do the tasks. However, it's highly encouraged you do your best to keep your pace in order to make the most out of this program. As long as you do the work, I can guarantee you'll have created your first course by the end of this program.

Other questions? Contact me.


Let's do this

The Edupreneurs Mastermind

Create a learner-centered course or program in 14 weeks

what's next?

  • ONLY successful applicants will be contacted
  • You’ll be invited to a 15-min interview so I can know more about you 
  • You’ll receive a final confirmation that you have a spot in the mastermind 
  • You’ll need to pay the fee (according to your preferred payment modality) within the deadline, otherwise your spot will be given to someone else
  • It’s important to respect the timelines and your peers’ time so there are no delays!
  • Good luck!

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