Educational Content Creation

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Become a thought-leader and a recognized authority figure in your field by applying the educational strategy model to content creation.

UX Career Coach with Werner and Ana
in partnership with Ghost Storyteller & UX Writer Werner Griesel

Posting content every day without a sense of purpose — and no results?

Meet "Educational Content Strategy".

Education is not only about courses, classes, and workshops. It’s about your content too.

The logic behind the educational model is that you’re able to attract the right clients every time you post something valuable that meets their learning needs. And once you get your strategy right, this happens on auto-pilot!

And it works!


  • You establish credibility: It’s almost a “try before you buy”, your clients know that YOU know what you’re talking about!
  • You position yourself as the go-to expert: You teach your audience what they need to know, so it’s a no brainer when they need to hire someone to help them
  • You promote trust: Every time you provide real value, others start trusting you. Guess who they’ll be contacting next?

Skip the traditional sales process, and start building a sustainable content creation model for recurring clients on auto pilot.


from unknown to authority figure

Do you feel you’re often chasing customers or begging for business?

Or worse, you have clients that are more interested in the tasks you complete than in the value you provide?

I was there too.

This is what I was able to improve since I started teaching and educating my audience:

  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Confidence
  • Brand

You don’t need to be famous or a celebrity in order to be seen as an expert or authority in your field! You DON’T need a huge following to be seen as an expert and have clients who respect your work and value your services.

Teaching has changed my life, in so many ways.  And now I want to show you how it can change yours.


Image of Ana Santos, your done-for-you course creation services provider

Social media educational snippets by Ana Santos

Werner UX Career Coach


from starving artist to storyteller

All “starving to (in)famous” artists I met had one thing in common.

They grew thanks to the art of storytelling. No matter the medium.

What inevitably worked for them was:

  1. They started telling stories, and people listened – no more hard selling.
  2. Ideas came to them rather than them go looking for it.


So, I started investigating the genuine power of storytelling!

What did I do?

I tested a story formula designed on the one person who mattered most at that moment… ME.

Long story short, that formula, recipe or whatever you want to call it resulted in strategies that would forever change how I come up with branded content and write stories that people want to read, without ever selling to anyone.


"What is Brand Storytelling?" - guest post by Werner Griesel for Chris Do

Education VS Traditional Social Media Strategies

Most traditional social media content strategy models involve the need of constantly promoting your offers and services. You need to reach directly to potential clients in order to fill your pipeline.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. But it’s time consuming and it doesn’t always help you with your end goal.

The sooner you’re able to establish yourself as an authority figure in your field, the sooner you’ll start attracting the right type of clients on auto pilot.

That’s where the educational content strategy comes in.

Who are we?

We’re a husband and wife partnership focused on bringing each other’s strengths to the table. Together, we’ll form your ghost content creation team!

Werner is a self-proclaimed ghost storyteller known for his reader-centered approach to writing. He writes for publications such as Entrepreneur and has helped several artists put their stories out there. He’ll make sure your content is engaging with the power of storytelling.

Ana is a learning experience designer (LXD) & UX educator who has worked with companies such as Google and delivered trainings to big six agencies. She’ll make sure your content is learner-centered and impactful by helping your audience achieve their learning goals.

We’re committed to helping you build memorable educational content that will position you as an expert and leader in your field.

Werner UX Career Coach and Ana UX Coach

Done for You: DFY


Social Basic

Introductory pricing
$ 980 monthly
  • 2x posts on 2x social platforms /weekly
  • Copy & research for each post
  • Fully designed & delivered in .png or .jpg
  • Grid design & planning
  • Bonus: brand story sprint for 3+ months contract


Introductory pricing
$ 2980 monthly
  • 1x blog post (800 words) /weekly
  • 3x posts on 2x social platforms /weekly
  • Copy & research for each post
  • Fully designed & delivered in .png or .jpg
  • Grid design & planning
  • Bonus: educational research strategy
  • Bonus: brand story sprint for 3+ months contract

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