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Course Creation

Become a thought-leader and a recognized authority figure in your field by packaging your knowledge with done-for-you course creation.

Meet me, Ana Santos, and my done for you course creation services

with Ana Santos

Hi there, creative leader!

Creating a course or program to teach the work of your life is HUGE.

You wouldn’t just trust anyone to write the story of your life. The same applies when creating a course about your life’s work. Being in charge of your narrative while you share your expertise with the right audience is what makes you unique: it’s your voice, it’s your message. It’s not easy to give that task to someone else.

At the same time, it’s a huge responsibility because you want to focus on your expertise and not in the course creation process. You want to make sure that the impact you create through teaching is going to influence your learners’ lives but also your reputation, credibility and authority.

meet done-for-you course creation

Regardless of your talent and knowledge, it’s not uncommon to feel discouraged through the whole process.

The good news is that I’m here to help you by providing you done-for-you course creation services. My mission is to help creative leaders like you transforming their expertise into learner-centered courses or programs that create a real impact on people’s lives.


I'm Ana

Why should you trust me to create your course?

I’m a UX Educator & Learning Experience Designer (LXD) with 10+ years experience in the design field. My online learning experience is extensive, ranging from corporate training where I’ve worked with companies such as Google to teaching UX to individuals. 

There are so many people telling you how to sell your course and live on a passive income, but how many do actually teach you how to create a course with impact? A course that makes a real difference in your learners’ lives? A course that helps build your own personal brand? A course that positions you as the thought leader and expert you are! 

That’s why I’m here. I want to help you create a memorable and learner-centered experience, whether that’s a course, a workshop or a program. No non-sense methods, no big secrets to sell — it’s all about learning science, neuropsychology and user experience.

Image of Ana Santos, your done-for-you course creation services provider

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. — Stephen King, 11/22/63

Ana Santos UX Coach UX Educator

Who is done-for-you course creation for?

Are we the right fit to work together?

My done-for-you course creation services are aimed at creative leaders who are passionate about creating impact and making a difference.

My services will be perfect for you if:

How do my done-for-you course creation services work?

done-for-you course creation Learner First Framework™

The Learner First Framework™ is my own LXD approach based on a blend of proven methodologies from learning sciences, instructional design, user experience & design thinking. Unlike most course coaching or creation services, it’s all science based; nothing about it is made up or based uniquely on my experience.

This framework is NOT linear. This means that depending on each project, I can help you at different stages. That’s why I offer you a discovery session, free of charge, so we can discuss your requirements, constraints and potential ways of working together.

Learner-first framework LXD for done-for-you course creation

My science-proven Learner First Framework™ is based on Design Thinking, Learning Sciences & Instructional Design methodologies

How can I help you?

Done-for-you course creation services

Stage 1

Learner Research

User Research & Learning Needs Assessment

It sounds complex but the principle behind it is simple: You aren’t able to create a learner-centered course if you never conducted research about your learners. You aren’t able to define learning outcomes that will impact your audience if you never conducted a learning needs assessment either. Don’t worry, I can help.

At this stage, I’m able to (done-for-you):

  • Research plan and learning needs assessment
  • Screening participants for research
  • Survey design, conducting user interviews & any research methods that align with your research goals
User Research
Common qualitative research methods example
People analysing data from course creation research

Stage 2

Data Analysis

Data analysis & synthesis

Whether you’ve collected data yourself or had the research conducted by a professional, you’ll still need to draw conclusions to apply to your course creation process.

At this stage, these are services I can provide:

  • Data analysis and synthesis (tools might range from learner personas  / learner profiles to empathy maps)
  • Defining learning objectives and outcomes of your course based on your learner needs

Stage 3


Prototype design, slide design & other assets

The first version of your course might require the design of several assets depending on the format & delivery.

At this stage, these are some services I can provide (done-for-you):

  • Format & Delivery
  • Curriculum design
  • Workbook design
  • Slide design 
  • Wireframing
  • Prototype design 
Animated lo-fi prototype for done-for-you course creation
Someone testing a participant's experience with a course

Stage 4

Testing & Evaluating

How impactful is your program for your learners?

Measuring impact isn’t as easy as it sounds, though it’s essential. There are many stages involved in testing it and evaluating it, from the early versions of your course to the ongoing improvement based on metrics we establish.

Here are some done-for-you services I can provide:

  • User Testing at prototype level & beyond
  • Development of formative and summative assessments
  • Establishing metrics to track and measure impact

Stage 5

Decisions & Implementation

Course implementation & ongoing decisions

At a more advanced stage, once you have a prototype (or already launched a beta version of your course), we can focus on either implementation or ongoing improvement.

At this stage, these are some services I can provide (done-for-you):

  • Recommendations and prioritization based on data & test results
  • Technical implementation on LMS (learning management systems) or website (s)
  • Assistance with technical delivery for both synchronous and asynchronous learning 
High fidelity mock ups for done for you course creation

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