Andrea Noel

Inspiring social introverts through art

Andrea Noel.

Andrea Noel is a self-taught artist; her artwork is a living testament to the influences of her Trinidadian roots, from its bright hues, sharp lines, dynamic patterns and provocative themes.

ANoel Creates Website


Andrea Noel had a previous website which didn’t convey her message or helped her achieve her business goals. The goals of this project were to:

  • Align Andrea Noel’s user needs with her business goals;
  • Optimize the website for conversions;
  • Communicate her brand and tone of voice through a design that represented her.


  • Website Strategy
  • Website Design
Proto Persona

With a proto-persona we were able to draw some patterns based on previous research and some assumptions

Target Audience

African American women working in highly competitive field

Andrea Noel’s art aims to address specific pain points for her ideal customer, “Gloria”, by:

  • Inspiring through artwork that can be used on her home and office, reminding Gloria of her black culture, strength and beauty;
  • Making her feel special with a custom illustration that is one of a kind and tells her very own story;
  • Relaxing through a beautiful coloring book after the stressful days at work.

Website & Content Strategy

One of the main issues with Andrea’s previous attempts at optimizing her website was the lack of a clear strategy.

I’ve helped Andrea fill my GO framework workbook and define the goals for each page on her website. We ended up with an initial sitemap and clear goals for each page of her website.

It was important for Andrea to include forms that would allow her customers to contact her according to her goals. At first, we thought about these being user-triggered modals.
profitable website strategy in 5 steps

I've guided Andrea through the GO framework to help her define both her user and business goals

Speaking the customer's mental models

The treejack studies revealed users don't go straight to "commissions"

One of the tasks we had asked Andrea’s users to perform was:

Where would you go if you wanted to order a custom illustration?

Only 30% went down the right path directly (“commissions”).  This was something Andrea was unsure since the beginning “Should we use the word commissions or something else?” 

Most of the users didn't click on "commissions" to order a custom illustration

Reflecting Andrea Noel's Brand

We followed previous brand guidelines to match with Andrea’s brand identity and logo. For Andrea it was important to maintain her tone and vibe, while at the same time have a modern and vibrant website.

Website Design

Website ANoel

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