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Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic & Rankings.

Guest post written by Greta Garner.

I'm Greta and I'm on the content team at websitesthatsell.com.au.  Being an ardent health lover of technology, I write almost everything about technology and its benefit. 

Creating a website is a great idea, but when you start looking at the metrics and comparing it to your goals, you may find that it is not growing your business. You may even start to ask yourself what can you do to change this? If your issue is related to traffic then this is something that you can address if you are willing to take some time and put forth some effort to get the work done.

In this beginner-friendly article, I’m going to cover three ways to boost websites traffic quickly and easily.

The first method is going to leverage your friends and pages on Facebook. This will include getting a Facebook page for your business or website. When you do this, you will want to invite your friends to like your Facebook page. Then you will encourage them to share the posts that are relevant to them. You can also share some of the posts from your website to other pages and groups in the comment sections if they provide a relevant answer to the questions being asked. This will help generate traffic for you while building credibility and authority.

A great place to share your pictures, depending on the niche will be Pinterest. Your success will depend on the quality, format, and type of pictures. For example, if you are in the home decor niche, Pinterest and the pictures you are sharing will serve as a gold mine for traffic for you. This method will take some time to build up, but it will be a long-lasting strategy that will definitely make it easier for you to have a great time running your website for years to come.

The final method is also one of the most expensive, but it comes with an almost immediate boost in your website traffic. That is by using the mighty Google and the ads they are running. Running paid search ads on Google will give you a great chance of generating highly targeted traffic since you’re getting visitors who are actually looking for your product. This, in turn, will cost you money, meaning that in order to maximize your budget, you need not only to optimize your Adwords campaigns but also the landing pages connected to them.

At websitesthatsell.com.au, we’ve also created an infographic compiling easy ways to boost your website’s rankings and with that, increase the traffic you get from organic search as well.


7 Easy Ways To Boost Websites Rankings and Traffic


When you are looking at your website, you may feel very proud and think it is going to be easy for you to get the income levels you read about other businesses making from the Internet. However, you could just as quickly be disappointed as you are not seeing any additional income coming from your website. While the core issue needs to be identified first, there’s a strong chance you’re not getting enough traffic, or at least, not targeted enough. That is when you should know about the three ways to boost websites traffic quickly and easily. Once you know about these methods and put them into action, it will be easier for you to get started.

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